Disable Code Output In Markdown


This is for a locally hosted, personal chatbot project.
Streamlit version: 1.3.0
Python version: 3.10.10

I’m learning/experiementing with using Streamlit for the app. My chatbot is only converstional and will never be outputting any code.

The issue: Every time the chatbot has a tab in it’s output (for example if it’s creating a document outline), that content ends up in a code block.

My question is: Is there a way to remove or disable the code block from the markdown? If not, is there an alternative to handling the tabs in the output without using the unsafe_allow_html=True?

Thanks for any advice!


If your chatbot’s output is not markdown, then using st.markdown to display it will lead to issues like this. Maybe use st.text instead?

Thanks for the reply.

I just tried this, but unfortunately st.text is worse. It puts all of the chatbot response content in a horizontally scrollable monospace type font like the code block.

Any other ideas?


Unfortunately streamlit provides only limited ability to display raw text out of the box. You can find some suggestions and workarounds in this other thread: