Disabling rerun/submit while "running" widget active


I have an relatively complex app, that uploads the file from the user, and massages it

Once the file is uploaded and massaged, the user sets some parameters, clicks submit and the app generates a chart.

Sometimes the app takes some time to upload and massage the file.

If the user clicks on submit while the app is still running
it sometimes happen that the connection with the uploaded file gets lost.

Is it possible to disable rerun (or the submit button) until the app has finished running?

Is there some way to capture the fact that it is running and then disable the submit button for instance? Even better to make it impossible for the user to manipulate any widget?

Many thanks and amazing tool streamlit!


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Wanted to comment and add a +1 to this. Our organization has an app in development and we are encountering similar problems. A disabled argument in st.form_submit_button would be amazing.