Display data - male/female icons filled with percentage

Can anyone assist me please?

I am new to Streamlit.
I have Streamlit installed on Ubuntu.
I got my first app running.
I would like to display my analysis results a specific way.
I would like to display my results in gender (male/female) icons/images, with these icons filled according to analytics results (percentage-wise).
Here is a screenshot of what I am talking about.

Hi @jodi319, welcome to the Streamlit community!

ECharts demonstrates something like this in its documentation, and there is both an ECharts python package and a Streamlit-ECharts component. So if you can figure out how to translate that example, then it should work.


Hi Randy. Thank you for your feedback. I also discovered this is possibly doable, the moment I made this post.


Hi all. Like I said, managed to create something to achieve my male/female icons with percentage.
I did not use echarts.
Instead I used bar graphs (standard bar graphs attached to percentages) overlayed with my gender icons (inner parts transparent) via PILL library.