Display Text Side by Side in horizontal Layout

Hello All,

I am working on a dashboard project Where I want to display summarized results in a text format. I would like to display it side by side in one line.

How Do i do that ?

Also It would be nice, If someone could share how to make use of horizontal layout in streamlit.

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Hi Sat,

As far as I heard the horizontal Layout is one of the next big features of streamlit which will come with one of the next versions in the next days/weeks (at least I hope :wink: ).

See also here:

So maybe just wait some more days until the feature is live and you don’t need to work with some hacks to make the horizontal layout work?


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That’s correct, you can already access the new layout features using streamlit nightly

The documentation should go into docs this week, but in the meantime, the internal documentation we use is located here:

any timeline as to when these beta featurs might make it into the base streamlit branch?

This happened last week, so you should be all set