DLL load failed while importing _imaging - module not found

Hi there, have anaconda and use gitbash, get this error on trying to run streamlit hello or streamlit first_app.py - any ideas how i can fix this and get the DLL to load?

Many thanks

Hi @mm215, welcome to the Streamlit community!

I provided another user with instructions for installing on Windows just now, maybe try to run through those steps and see if they work? If they don’t, then depending on where your install fails, I can suggest next steps.


Hi command prompt gives: INFO:Could not find files for the given pattern. However checking on file explorer, shows Anaconda has the Python app in the folder. I use git bash, anaconda, do i need to redirect gitbash to anaconda? Many thanks

Can you share the Python code you are running?

So the title of this topic is from running “streamlit hello”. I have tried running first_app.py too with the same imaging DLL error…

import streamlit as st
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd