Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Chatbot

On the heels of sharing Rockbot yesterday, I wanted to share another creation, an open domain chatbot called Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Bot (which seems to run much more quickly than Rockbot on Streamlit Sharing quickly, despite loading about 1GB of models into memory at startup!)

This is a chatbot with two distinct personalities, you may switch between anytime. Dr. Jekyll is trained on a selected portions of movie & tv scripts, Facebook Empathetic Dialogs and various dialog scattered across the web. Mr. Hyde is trained on the writing styles of nearly 20k songs by over 400 artists across MANY musical genres (not just rock), as well as a few poets and comedians.

Due to the imprecise nature of the training materials, the results can be unpredictable. I have made no attempt to censor the source materials. Dr. Jekyll tends to be nicer while Mr. Hyde tends to be ruder and unpredictable. Either of them might use NSFW language. The bot will also add emojis to emphasize their feelings. Just have fun!

Learn more: Github link
Give it a spin: Demo