Drag-and-drop in Streamlit?

I am working on an app that takes an input file, does some calculations, visualizes them (using Streamlit) and then writes out a report. All of this works perfectly fine, except for the input file part.

On my local machine, I can use a text-box to specify the path (not very elegant though), but once deployed in the cloud even this hack will not be possible.

Are there any file upload/drag-and-drop options built into streamlit?


Hi @RichardOberdieck. Welcome to the community :hugs:!

This feature is on the way and is actively being implemented. Please follow that pull request for the latest updates!

Thank you for using Streamlit! :heart:

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Hi @RichardOberdieck.

You can work around this by running a separate file server. Thats what I do.

Contact me if you want the details.


Great to hear! Especially useful for pipeline analyses or deep learning applications.
Would be good to specifiy file type manually.