Drawable canvas annotation regions spill-over

Hi All,
I am facing a big problem while annotating medical grade images. I am creating ROIs using drawable-canvas but the region is going little bit outside of annotated boundary for each ROI. For the illustration purpose I have taken a random image and drawn a rectangle and it can be clearly seen that the selected region is going outside of boundary. See below the rectangle boundary in yellow color in first image and selected region plotted on same image in second image.
Does anyone faces the same problem and found any solution, please suggest.

Hi @bhanuday_birla

It may be helpful for the community if you could also share a minimum viable example code of the app that allows reproduction of the error. Please see this guide on how (Using Streamlit: how to post a question in the Streamlit forum).

Additionally, could you annotate the images directly to help explain your observation on the error which may help to make the explanation clearer.

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