Easy user auth and login for Streamlit

Hey all :wave:

We just launched a no-code tool built internally to speed up prototyping.

Our team has been using Streamlit to build MVPs for months. Before today, shipping a user-facing product like this required tons of hacks and weird misuse. It’s a pain to add user auth to these products, and sometimes you really don’t want to expose your MVP to the public web :eyes:

We built DashboardAuth so we didn’t have to spend another second implementing and re-implementing user auth. DashboardAuth takes in a webapp URL (whether it’s Retool or even a hosted Jupyter notebook) and provides a unique authentication link to provide to users. A few clicks and you get a user login flow, user admin dashboard, secure login URLs, and auth API endpoints for use in your app.

DashboardAuth is free and ready to be used today. Sign up at https://www.dashboardauth.com/

Hope this helps you ship faster!

Jared & Jon

(PS- I’ll be using this myself to limit user usage on some GPT-3 apps I’m working on :paw_prints:)


Very nice… thanks @Jared_Zoneraich!