EDA using Dtale Library in Streamlit - Need Help

I am creating a web based EDA tool in which I have setup a dropdown to select EDA libraries such as pandas_profiling , sweetviz & Dtale.

I have managed to embed pandas_profiling & sweetviz but not able to figure out how to embed Dtale.

I referred following post on this topic but no luck - can anyone please help?

earlier Link on this topic : How to embedding D-tale in streamlit - #4

my code as follows : after selecting Dtale from dropdown

elif choice == “Dtale”:
st.subheader(“Automated EDA with Dtale Library”)
data_file=st.file_uploader(“Upload a CSV file for Analysis”, type=[‘csv’])
if data_file is not None:


You may find that it’s not working because of your Flask version. See the issue I raised here: Dtale not working with Flask 2.2.1 · Issue #688 · man-group/dtale · GitHub