Edit report

Hello, I would like to edit page of informations from streamlit : the user will select the article he wants to display, and then i would like to edit the selected all on one page, each article after each. Actually there is a lot of information, with graphs, etc, … so table is not the solution. It could be a word doc for example.

I have not clue of what tools can be used, do you have any idea? It could be a simple streamlit page inside a loop, but i am looking for something more easy to … print (I know paper is never far away).

I have used report in the topic, because it is mainly what i am looking to do. I will loop over the template

Hi @jgutton,

Thanks for sharing your question! Streamlit might not be the best solution to generate a Word doc or other document that you’re planning to print. Can you share a code snippet so we can see how you’ve tried to implement this so far?

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