Edit SQL table through streamlit

the function below is executed before a dataframe, after executing it it does not edit the database, can you help me

def edit_entry(self, id, epi_name=None, quantity=None, value=None, transaction_type=None, date=None, requester=None, CA=None):
logging.debug(f"Called edit_entry with ID={id}")

updates = {
    "epi_name": epi_name,
    "quantity": quantity,
    "value": value,
    "transaction_type": transaction_type,
    "date": date,
    "requester": requester,
    "CA": CA

# Remove os valores que sΓ£o None
updates = {key: val for key, val in updates.items() if val is not None}

if not updates:
    logging.warning("No values provided for update. Exiting function.")

placeholders = ', '.join([f"{key} = ?" for key in updates.keys()])
sql = f"UPDATE epi_stock SET {placeholders} WHERE id = ?"

logging.debug(f"Executing SQL: {sql} with values {updates.values()}")

    with sqlite3.connect(DB_NAME) as connection:
        cursor = connection.cursor()
        logging.debug(f"Connected to database: {DB_NAME}")

        values = list(updates.values()) + [id]
        cursor.execute(sql, values)
        logging.debug(f"Changes committed to database.")
except sqlite3.Error as e:
    st.write(f"Erro ao editar registro: {e}")
    logging.error(f"Error while editing entry: {e}")

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