Embed a 3D (VTK) visualization app and drive it with Streamlit


I’d like to know if there is a way to use Streamlit like PyQt, as a way to embed another 3D viewer that does things that Streamlit or JS cannot handle like a C++ renderer would. Think volume rendering, slicing, etc.
For instance, I’m using ipyvtklink which derives from ipycanvas to stream images from the vtk app straight to the html canvas of a web page.

The viewer I’ve developed for computational neuroscience is based on vtk and vedo. The viewer works within Jupyter notebooks thanks to ipyvtklink.

Now we would like to add a web UI around it with the possibility to easily plot stats.

Btw, I’m not interested in vtk-js as it’s not on par with vtk at the moment, hence the streaming question, which is also interesting for other cpp 3D renderers.