Embedding BI tool in Streamlit

I have been following Streamlit and want to know if anyone has tried to embed a report/dashboard from a BI tool like Looker, Metabase, Power BI, etc in Streamlit.

We want to make our reports available to our customers without having to design & create a whole new app just to display our reports from Looker. I feel that Streamlit can be a great solution (use case) for this.

What do you all think?


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Hi @Tim_Suh

See this: PowerBI dashboards and streamlit - #3 by Salma_Brahem


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@asehmi Thanks.

I am wondering if embedding something inside Streamlit makes sense. This embed object will have to be protected with authentication.

I am also looking at low-code options (e.g. Bubble.io) or Svelte as a web framework to build it from the ground up.

Any other recommendations?

To properly secure a “secure” Power BI online report (one that’s deployed in your PBI premium online account) you must use the PBI embedded web clients. There are quite a few examples in the PBI docs. Then you have to secure the Streamlit app itself. There are a few examples to do this: a couple I published using a SQLite database or Airtable, and Auth0/React.js; and another recent one using Auth0/React.

If you publish a PBI report in PBI online under a non premium PBI account then it will be freely available in the PBI gallery. However, it’s then easy to embed it in a Streamlit component iframe using the embed scripts.