Embedding Youtube failed

Hi there,
Today when I tried to embed Youtube video using st.video(). It showed the error message: TypeError : string argument without an encoding

Any idea, guys?

Hey @li_yulei and welcome to the community :blush:,

Mind providing a sample of your code so we can help troubleshoot? Also, what version of Streamlit are you using and OS?

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Hi @tc1,
Thanks for your response.
I upgraded streamlit to 0.57.3 and the error message changed
My code is as simple as:

import streamlit as st
url = 'https://youtu.be/FVsvrFAWDTM

Error message:
AttributeError: ‘EnumTypeWrapper’ object has no attribute 'NATIVE’

OS: Mac
Streamlit: 0.57.3

Thanks a lot.

Hey @li_yulei,

Try running it like this if possible:

import streamlit as st

This should do the trick and get it to work for you. Hope this helps and feel free to let us know if you need any additional help :+1:

@tc1 It works now! Thanks a lot, mate

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Hey…its not working in my case…i am facing this issue…
AttributeError: ‘EnumTypeWrapper’ object has no attribute ‘NATIVE’
Thank you…

HI @Mohit_Sharma -

Can you confirm what operating system and version of Streamlit you are using? I ran the snippet provided by @tc1 and it worked for version 0.60.0 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS