Emoji file name deployment error

If there is an emoji in the main file name, the app deployment results in an “Unsupported browser” error. However, the same app deploys successfully if the main file is named as streamlit_call.py. I was able to deploy emoji app successfully earlier yesterday, but then it stoped working later last night.

GitHub: GitHub - giswqs/streamlit-multipage-template: A streamlit multipage app template for geospatial applications

streamlit_call.py: https://giswqs-streamlit-multipage-template-streamlit-app-ubvkuo.streamlitapp.com/

Not working:
🏠_Home.py: https://giswqs-streamlit-multipage-template--home-xru7b9.streamlitapp.com/

Also, just found out that Dropbox can’t sync files with emojis in the file name. So I have to keep deleting repos from my computers and reclone them when working from a different computer. Emojis that sync with Dropbox - Joschua's Garden

I wish streamlit could set the navigation sidebar menu emoji within the file content rather than in the file name.

Yup I second this. I posted on the main multipage thread about an encoding error I get when I put an emoji within the main file name. It’s actually a compatibility issue with another package I’m importing which is caused by the presence of an emoji within the name of the script that is running. Specifying the emoji to display within the file rather than in the name would remove such issues.

Actually when I first tried to use the multipage functionality I was unable to put emojis in any of the page names. I discovered that this was a limitation (presumably a permission somewhere) of the shared drive where I was saving my scripts. Moving the folder to the local hard drive resolved that issue but I still can’t put an emoji in the main file name.

Love the multipage functionality though, quibbles aside!

The same file with emoji can be deployed to Heroku just fine, so I guess the issue lies with Streamlit Cloud. Specifying emoji within the file is much better than specifying it in the file name. The fact that Dropbox cannot sync file names with emoji is disappointing.