Encountered "ModuleNotFoundEefrror" with matplotlib

I’ve got that error message when I DEPLOY my app. (about matplotlib.pyplot)

URL : Streamlit (vizdata.streamlit.app)
REPO : GitHub - Fron95/streamlit_web_deploy: 스트림릿 웹 배포 연습 streamlit web deploy train

  1. I uploaded “requirements.txt” (I added matplotlib inside and saved)
  2. I have streamlit version 1.22

What can I do??

Try to remove the matplotlib.pyplot from your requirements.txt.
If problem still persist then try to upgrade the matplotlib version.

thank you for advice.

  1. It dosen’t work with “DELETING matplotlib.pyplot”
  2. my matplotlib version is 3.7.2 (the latest version released)
    (is it right way to upgrade matplotlib on VSC(visual studio code) ?)

This fixed requirements.txt file should work on streamlit cloud.
If not, try a reboot.
If not, delete the whole app and re-deploy.

everything okay with “REBOOT”
thank you very much!

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