End Users Getting Network Error on Some of the Componenets

Only some users get this error and using hard refresh doesn’t fix it

Hey, the same is happening to me today on another app. I’m getting the message on Plotly express graphs just for reference.
They worked well before today

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Someone reported to me that one of my apps was doing this earlier today, but has since resolved. I believe it is an issue with Streamlit Cloud. There is maintenance scheduled for next Monday and I’ve inquired with staff if there is any more info on the issue. I will post an update here if I get a response.

Hi, just updating since additional info may help. Today everything is working well.

Yesterday it just seemed to be slow so some components couldn’t finish loading, I don’t know if it was my internet connection but I don’t think so since other webpages seemed ok.

I did hear back that they are investigating the specific root cause, but that broadly speaking the system has seen a lot of growth in usage. The Monday maintenance should help improve reliability and better accommodate that growth.