ER (entity relationship) for SQL databases with Agraph possible?

Hello everybody!
I have a Streamlit app to create text files with data from SQL databases, and it works really good.

One small example of code (not the real ap, just a minimal explanation)

import streamlit
import mysql.connector
cnx = mysql.connector.connect(user=abc, password=pwd123,
database='yyyyyyy', connection_timeout=60, port=1234, autocommit=True, raise_on_warnings=True, get_warnings=True)
cursor = cnx.cursor()
cursor.execute(f'''{here is my SQL query}''')
rows = cursor.fetchall()
with open('query.txt',"w") as f:

Well, I have seen there’s a component called Agraph and it seems it’s a way to show relationships visually, and I just love it (one demo here:

The question I have is this:
Could i make a ER (entity relationship) diagram of the databases I connect using Agraph? That would be just great.
Even if it’s not with Agraph, is there another way to show an ER diagram on streamlit?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @mabusdogma,
That’s a really cool component – check out the blog post about it here. Seems like it would be a good fit for creating the type of diagrams you’re describing, but the best way to figure out if it could work is probably just to give it a try!