Error after deploying(Streamlit server consistently failed status checks)

Hi everyone.

I have a question about deploying streamlit app - using google earth engine.

My question is :
I have deployed our app but sometimes there’s an error coming up(very randomly )
error : oh no, error running app. If this keeps happening please contact support

and for now the only solution is to check our app if it’s running well or reboot(repeating again and again…)

and when I click on ‘manage app’ to figure it out, it says
“Streamlit server consistently failed status checks
Please fix the errors, push an update to the git repo, or reboot the app.”

Could anyone visit my git(GitHub - hyejoony/Korean-National-Park-AI-project: Sentinel Satellite based Change Detection Platform) and see what could be wrong?

I truly appreciate for your help.

Thank you!

Hi @jeonbok.joha

If you’re seeing the error message

that may indicate that your app has reached its memory limit. Thus, a reboot helps alleviate the problem but after some time the memory limit is reached once again.

Please see this Docs page for more info:

This blog may provide some tips on optimizing the app:

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