Error during processing dependencies using environment.yml file

Hello everyone,

I am trying to deploy my first app. (repo link)

When doing so, I get the message " Error installing requirements". There are no helpful debugging details (that I can see) in the logs, so I don’t really know what to fix…

[     UTC     ] Logs for
[04:16:19] 🖥 Provisioning machine...
[04:12:44] 🚀 Starting up repository: 'fantasy-premier-league', branch: 'master', main module: 'src/'
[04:12:44] 🐙 Cloning repository...
[04:12:47] 🐙 Cloning into '/app/fantasy-premier-league'...

[04:12:47] 🐙 Cloned repository!
[04:12:47] 🐙 Pulling code changes from Github...
[04:12:48] 📦 Processing dependencies...
Collecting package metadata (repodata.json): ...working... [2022-08-03 04:14:13.661812] done
[04:16:20] 🎛 Preparing system...
[04:16:20] ⛓ Spinning up manager process...
Solving environment: ...working... [2022-08-03 04:17:53.157153] bash: line 3:    14 Killed                  /home/appuser/.conda/bin/conda env update -n base --file environment.yml
[04:17:54] ❗️ installer returned a non-zero exit code
[04:17:54] ❗️ Error during processing dependencies Please fix the error and push an update, or try restarting the app.!```

Hi @James-Leslie , thanks for submitting your issue! Does this happen locally? I definitely agree that these logs are not particularly helpful which sucks! If this doesn’t happen locally, i can definitely bring this up to one of our streamlit cloud engineers to look at.

I don’t have any issues building the environment locally using conda env create -f environment.yml (on Windows)

I have now created a very basic requirements.txt file which I have put in the same directory as the streamlit script and it appears to be working.

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I’m glad you found a solution! Thanks for the update. Happy coding!

Well, it’s more of a work around than a solution. Would still like to know how to debug the issues I run into when using the environment.yml file

Hello, I have the same problem as described in this topic.
I am trying to deploy my first Streamlit app. There are both files available
environment.yaml and requirements.txt
Unfortunately, I am getting the below errors

[10:28:07] ❗️ installer returned a non-zero exit code
[10:28:07] ❗️ Error during processing dependencies! Please fix the error and push an update, or try restarting the app.
[10:29:39] ❗️ Streamlit server consistently failed status checks
[10:29:39] ❗️ Please fix the errors, push an update to the git repo, or reboot the app.

The app is working fine locally on my machine using conda virtual environment.
Could you please provide me with guidelines on how to resolve this problem?
Repo link:

@willhuang would you be able to assist here?

Thank you

hi @Emil_M , it looks like the repo that you posted is not available. I would assume it’s private?

In addition, is it possible that your environment.yaml or requirements.txt files have problems?

I personally have never used the environment.yaml way so I am not sure if I help much but if this becomes a big problem, I would try deleting the app and restarting the app. I would also suggest looking at Managing your Streamlit dependencies using conda . If that doesn’t help, you can feel free to ping me and I can try to get a streamlit cloud engineer to look at it!

Thank you for your reply @willhuang.
Yes, the repo is private.
I would appreciate if you could get the cloud engineer to look at it. I guess that the engineer will have access to the private repo?
If not, please let me know who should I give access to the repo.
Thank you

Hi @Emil_M , I have brought in a cloud engineer and they will have a look when they have time.



Hi James!

I did a bit of investigation and I found out Huge memory usage (>4GB) with conda 4.6.0b1 · Issue #7787 · conda/conda · GitHub. Removing conda-forge from the channels list allowed me to deploy a fork of your app here:



I just realised I didn´t explain why this happens. According the ticket, I posted earlier, conda is caching the channels. Since the conda-forge is pretty big, the cache increases the memory consumption during installation too much and the install process is killed by the kernel.