Error file_uploader - deployed app only accepts one specific file

Dear all, may I ask for your help? I created a Streamlit app starting with a file_uploader. Locally everything works fine and I can run the app with different excel files but once I have deployed it the uploader only accepts one specific file. Even when it is the exact same file format only with different numbers there appears the following error:

this is my repo: Judith1811/Privat (

Thanks a lot!!!

My guess is that it’s related to a version difference between what you’re using locally, and what you’re getting on streamlit cloud, either a python version difference, a package difference. I see that you’ve pinned streamlit and pandas to specific versions, but perhaps it’s a different package that’s different (e.g. numpy).

From the error, it looks like you have some “Not a Number” or “Infinity” values in the column you’re trying to convert, either in the raw excel file, or due to some processing you’re doing on it. One easy solution, if you don’t care about those errors, is to do df["Suchfrequenz-Rang "].astype(int, errors='ignore'), which will simply ignore any values that it can’t convert.

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Thank you so much!! It worked by comparing the versions! Made my day :slight_smile:

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