Error in deployment of packages.txt

Get:1 Index of /debian bullseye InRelease [116 kB]

Get:2 Index of /debian-security stable-security/updates InRelease [48.0 kB]

Get:3 Index of /debian-security bullseye-security InRelease [48.4 kB]

Get:4 Index of /debian bullseye-updates InRelease [44.1 kB]

Reading package lists…[2023-06-11 09:42:43.581663]

E: Repository ‘Index of /debian-security stable-security/updates InRelease’ changed its ‘Codename’ value from ‘bullseye-security’ to ‘bookworm-security’

[09:42:43] :exclamation: installer returned a non-zero exit code

[09:42:43] :exclamation: Error during processing dependencies! Please fix the error and push an update, or try restarting the app.

[09:44:19] :exclamation: Streamlit server consistently failed status checks

[09:44:19] :exclamation: Please fix the errors, push an update to the git repo, or reboot the app.

The app worked fine until today , rebooting the app doesn’t work for me either


Any update on this question?

I’m also encountering the same error. Did you find any solution to this?

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not yet

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