Error installing requirements when deploying app

I am trying to deploy my chatbot application to streamlit however I keep running into the error installing requirements message. No console or debug information comes so I don’t know what is wrong. Here is the link to my repo that has the necessary requirments.txt file.

Your GitHub repository is empty except for a readme file that has nothing more than the project name. Make sure to commit your work so Streamlit Cloud can see and use it.

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Hi @Mun-Min !

Do you solved your problem ?

I have the same problem
Here is my repository on github

If you are trying to install this package:

It does not work in python 3.

Anyway, it is designed to work as a CLI command, not a library, it doesn’t have a Date attribute and I don’t see how it could be useful in a remote sensing application. There must be some misunderstanding here.

Did you run the application locally? How did you install ee there?

Hey everyone, thanks for the replies! It was actually a very simple fix, I found a package that auto-generates the requirements.txt file. It seems that I had a invalid requirements.txt file which caused the error. I used the following package (pipreqs) to auto-generate a requirments.txt file and pushed it to the repo. It works now!! How to Auto Generate requirements.txt (Dependencies) in Python - 3 examples

If you guys want to check out my project here is a link →

Thanks for the feedback guys!!

How to Auto Generate requirements.txt (Dependencies) in Python - 3 examples

Thanks Goyo for your reply. But ee does not refer to this library that you mention. It refers to Google earth engine library. It installed with the geemap Python package. GeoPython 2021 - geemap
Check my repo to see how I use it.

Hey Mun-Min I appreciate your suggestion. The way I generated the requirements.txt file, is the one that you mentioned (pipreqs way)

You already have geemap in your requirements.txt, if ee is part of geemap then you do not need to (actually you cannot) install it separately.

Thanks Goyo, you are right! I will modify it and I will let you know if it works. Thanks