Error loading extra streamlit components: cookie_manager and option_menu

I’m getting an error when trying to use a resource with extra streamlit components.

I am developing my application using a docker container to run it on GCP’s Cloud Run service. Running locally, the app works normally, but when I upload it to GCP, I end up receiving these warnings on the screen during execution. Like this one below:

My GCP Cloud Run configurations are as follows:

I don’t know exactly if this is a problem with deploying the app to Cloud Run or if it’s a problem with the execution of streamlit itself. If anyone can help, I would be immensely grateful.

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Check the current working directory you’re in when calling the component
also an error in the component code itself could lead to that error

@pedrodicati did you ever figure this out? I am having the same issue.

Streamlit version 1.32.0 is now available and includes a significant improvement for custom components. The timeout warning for custom components was replaced with an element skeleton to improve the UX for slow-loading components, especially in some cloud-hosted platforms.

@Alejandro_Monsalve_K I tried to check this, but I was unsuccessful, but actually when I inspect the streamlit page, the library that the extra components bring are in a different path

@jonn26 What I managed to do was manually upload my application - I was using a Bitbucket pipeline. So when I went directly through the GCP CLI it worked normally without the messages, while changing the bitbucket pipeline had no effect and the error remained.

@mathcatsand I will check on my app if by updating I can solve it, if I can solve it I mark it as completed.

However, the solution I have today is to upload it manually, as the one done automatically by CI/CD does not work due to these errors.

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Reporting the same issue (only the CookieManager part) with my app - the app is deployed on Community Cloud. Any insights?