Error on report_thread

In one of my repos i was using

from streamlit.report_thread import REPORT_CONTEXT_ATTR_NAME

But now i’m getting an error.

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'streamlit.report_thread'

Did the syntax change? where can i see how to fix it or what do i need to change to? I don’t see any reference to it anywhere.

I also have the same error.
Does anyone know how to fix?


It’s crazy that there’s no solution to this in 2023.


Without digging into it deeply, it would seem “report” became “script_run” in general.

Right, @mathcatsand, but I still get error Cannot find reference 'ReportThread' in '' when trying to write from streamlit.ReportThread. That’s the main issue.

As noted in the linked pull request. “ReportThread” no longer exists. It was an internal API, subject to change without notice, and not supported.

I see. So how do we tackle the “missing ReportContext” threading error?