Error reading file after deployment

I just deployed my first streamlit application to Heroku using my GitHub repo as the method of deployment. When I tested the app using streamlit run, the app was running fine. However, I received a file not found error once I deployed it. I checked my GitHub and all the files were in the repo so I do not know why it does not recognize the .csv files. My application is simple: read .csv files and do some data analysis simple as that. I can provide screenshots if it will be useful.

screenshot of tested application (streamlit run):

Github repo that contains the file I am reading:

The error I got after deployment:

Hi @OmarEltouny78, welcome to the Streamlit community!

This is appears to be a simple issue of a relative filepath. If you’re sure that the file exists in your GitHub, then the next thing would be to try and specify the filepath more precisely than PL/PL2021_keepers.csv. pathlib seems to be the commonly-accepted package to use to avoid issues like these: