Error running App (App gets disconnected everytime it runs)

Hi community, please I am working on a sentiment analysis app which has the data evaluated using a RoBERTa model. Every time, I reboot the app, it opens but gets disconnected instantly and shows that “Error running the App” message. Please this is a school project I am working on that has gotten me frustrated and I will appreciate any quick assistance as the deadline for submission is very close.
Meanwhile the app works perfectly well on my local machine

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Hi @Abdulraqib20,

Please don’t tag moderators / staff in your post (and be sure to check out the other forum guidelines here).

It looks like your app’s memory usage is spiking beyond the limit for Community Cloud apps, which is causing the error you’re seeing.

If your app is for a school project, you can fill out this form to request increased resources.

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Hey Caroline, thanks for your feedback. I’m really grateful. Yes. I believe the app is having memory issues and I have filled in the form already to request access for more memory. Thank you so much and i look forward to a positive response.