Error Running Apps

Hello Expert,

Im success deployed streamlit text classification, but i have something problem (Error Running Apps) when running this script :

models = [
RandomForestClassifier(n_estimators=200, max_depth=3, random_state=0),
CV = 5
cv_df = pd.DataFrame(index=range(CV * len(models)))
entries =
for model in models:
model_name =
accuracies = cross_val_score(model, features, labels, scoring=‘accuracy’, cv=CV)
for fold_idx, accuracy in enumerate(accuracies):
entries.append((model_name, fold_idx, accuracy))
cv_df = pd.DataFrame(entries, columns=[‘model_name’, ‘fold_idx’, ‘accuracy’])

but, when i run using local notebook, its runs well…
How to fix it Expert?

Please share a link to your public github repo.

dickysepta (Dicky Septa Samara) · GitHub , you can see full script here