Error Running Streamlit app deployed with RConnect

I am trying to run my Streamlit app which has been deployed using RConnect. However, when I try to run the app in RConnect, I get the error as shown in attached image. Any pointers as to what might be causing this issue?

I found the solution to this error. This was the result of RConnect not being updated to support new versions of Streamlit (> 0.78). Now I am able to deploy my Streamlit app (created with version 0.88) successfully on RConnect version 1.9.0.

There are still some issues unrelated to deployment that I am trying to figure out:

  1. Downloading a file to user’s default Downloads folder works in my private environment but not in the deployed version with RConnect.
  2. Incorporating images/ icons into my deployed Streamlit app.

Any help for above two issues is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for following-up with the answer @nmok. This is one of those awkward edge-cases where we don’t work with RStudio to help support their platform, so none of us have the experience to help.

This is a browser-specific issue as far as I can tell. The end user decides where the file should automatically get downloaded. For example, for me on Ubuntu and Chrome:

Incorporating images/ icons into my deployed Streamlit app.

Can you be more specific what issues you are having?


Hello Randy, thanks for your response regarding my outstanding issues.

  1. Regarding the issue with Download, I had implemented custom logic to create and download a pdf file (using st.button callback and fpdf python package) to user’s default “Downloads” folder regardless of the OS and it worked in my private environment. This was implemented prior to the release of the st.download_button. Is the new st.download_button equipped to download any type of file and can I just use it instead of my workaround? And can I expect to have better success in the deployed version by switching to the st.download_button?

  2. My application has custom icons/ logos that need to appear on the application screen and in the downloaded pdf file. These images are placed in the same folder as my application code and I’m referring to them using a relative path. Again, this functionality works fine in my local environment but not in the version deployed with RConnect. I get an error with the image file path.

Thanks in Advance!