Error trying to host app

Error with dlib library installation - anyone know how to fix this?

How does your requirements.txt file look like?

Hello, Please check if all the modules (including streamlit) used by the script are present in a requirements.txt file.

I checked somethings related to that and dlib needs some other dependencies it seem [Also Streamlit cloud runs on linux]
So this might help you
Install Dlib on Ubuntu
And you need to place all those dependencies in packages.txt file

build-essential cmake pkg-config
libx11-dev libatlas-base-dev
libgtk-3-dev libboost-python-dev

and i think you need to place them there and try
Hope it might work

@saqlain @IM45145V

Thank you guys!! Adding the additional packages fixed the issue.

The app can now run - so I have a new issue - app requires webcam access → how can I allow that? Chrome only enables Webcam access if prompted and I do not get a request to allow, so there’s no way for me to update Chrome to allow for the Webcam access for the Streamlit URL I am using. Any ideas?

You can check chrome’s documentation to allow camera access.

Their documentation (Use your camera & microphone - Computer - Google Chrome Help) has no info on how to allow without a prompt for a site.

The issue is I was using this video capture command to start the video feed which worked locally. However with Streamlit, this is running on the server and will not prompt the user to start the video capture, right? Any ideas on how to fix?

I think you will get something like this on either side of url bar

or goto settings

Mat be share your app url
i’ll check if its working in my device

Thanks. There is no way I’ve found to input Streamlit URL into allowed sites for webcam.

This is URL:

am getting error
like its not about camera ig
but the code?
not sure tho

I believe the issue is the cv2 video capture will not work for a cloud app. I have discovered the Streamlit webcam (Developing web-based real-time video/audio processing apps quickly with Streamlit) and am working to integrate.

All the best Mate

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