Error while deploying

Hi community!!
I am uanble to deploy…getting this error…could not find how to rectify…
Kindly help

Please share your github repo.
What strikes me on the fly:

  • pywinpty is a python library that only runs on windows, cannot be used on streamlit sharing
  • you seem to have a pip library that requires a rust compiler to be installed
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Thanks for the reply…
Here is the repo-
Akash743/Solar_Power_Forecasting: Solar Power Forecasting (

Hi @Akash743 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I was able to fork your repo and successfully deploy your solar power forecasting app after removing pywinpty==1.0.1 from line 72 of requirements.txt.

You aren’t using the module in any of your scripts, so it’s safe to remove. As a consequence, you are able to deploy to Streamlit Sharing without any errors :tada: :partying_face:

Let me know if this solves your problem!

Happy Streamlit-ing! :balloon:

Thank you very much Snehan. I have finally deployed my first app
Streamlit is soooo awesome…same as this streamlit community here :smile:

I am getting an error where I was saving the uploaded file in a directory in my system.
So, since I have deployed and if I want to save the file uploaded, what path should I give as it cant save anymore on my system, I guess.


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Happy to help! :grinning:

Randy did a great job answering exactly that question yesterday. Take a look at it here: Where are saved files? - #4 by randyzwitch

Essentially, it’s better to write your data to a persistent location such as Google Drive or Amazon S3. Files written to the local container on Streamlit Sharing can be overwritten at any time and are not expected to persist.

Randy also linked to an example of how one would go about writing files to a persistent location:

Best, :balloon:

1.Thank you very much Snehan…but is there any other way as for creating account here on Google cloud platform card details are to be entered.
2.How can I make my app secure using any free service …I mean how can I deploy without making the app public on github? …or can I add any password etc for my app