Exception only when Debugging in VSCode


I’m getting this StopException when debugging in VSCode.
Need help, here are the details…

My .vscode/launch.json

    "name": "Streamlit: Current File",
    "type": "python",
    "request": "launch",
    "module": "streamlit",
    "env": {
        // any .env variables you may have
        "STREAMLIT_APP": "${file}",
        "STREAMLIT_ENV": "development",
    "args": [
    "jinja": true,
    "justMyCode": true

Steps to Reproduce

Open app.py in VSCode and then Debug Streamlit: Current File
This occurs


Running streamlit run app.py will work, but no debugging

Hi @rugufu

This seems to be a recurring issue for VS Code, I’d recommend taking a deep dive into the VS Code GitHub issues or their forum.

To get you started, here are some related posts:

Hope this helps!