Export file via email on Streamlit

Hello everyone and thanks for this amazing library for creating data science apps.

I have a question please, do you have any I idea how to send results like excel/csv file directly to a specific email adress after running my python script ?? since my algorithm can take several minutes or hours, so it’s better to send the file when it finishs the work instead of checking every minute if it finishs or not !

Thank you for your help !

PS: Now, I’m downloading the files directly through a link

HI @Sameh,

You can use python’s smtp module with the mailserver configuration for your sender mail address and send the results as an attachment.
I found this article at realpython really nice when I was exploring smtplib. You might find it helpful as well, https://realpython.com/python-send-email/#adding-attachments-using-the-email-package


thank you, I’ll try it and give u my feedback.