Export user input

Hi, is there a way to export input from the app?

I would like to add an option for the user to export and later import his own configuration.
Thanks for any info!

Hi @emal, thanks for your patience. Can you be a bit more specific of the type of configuration you are talking about? Would it be business logic, or are you talking about being able to dynamically change the Streamlit configuration (or something else)?


Hi @randyzwitch , thanks for the reply, let me clarify the question.

I need to get the values that user put into the app (e.g. text from text field, values from slider or number fields, values from selectboxes, checkboxes etc.). My usecase is that the user first gives some input (e.g. file paths, etc. as described above) and when he’s finished he can push ‘run’ button, and the input gets processed by the app - in that moment, I’d like to be able to export all the values that the user put there (possibly for later use). I guessed with the way Streamlit works there could be a way to get those values, so I’m just checking before I start to implement it myself.

Have a great day!

Thanks for clarifying. Your question sounds similar in nature to this open PR:

Essentially, people seem to want to be able to send a URL with an app that already has the parameters in a certain way. Additionally, being able to set the programmatically seems useful. If this functionality is generally what you are talking about, then maybe keep an eye on that PR, test it out and give us feedback if you’re looking for different/additional functionality.

Thanks, that seems like what I’m looking for. I’ll look into it and try it out.