External URL hosting from my local machine

Hi and thanks for such an awesome tool!

I was able to host my app with Heroku and AWS EC2. For both, I can have a designated external web address for users to access my app and upload user data.
However, I’d like to host the app using my own machine. After running, the app shows me local URL and network URL, but not external URL. It appears to have been changed from one of the updates, and I was wondering if anyone can help me with the steps to get a web link for accessing the app that will run indefinitely on my machine. I feel like the knob is somewhere in the config.toml but not sure which.


Hi @runninghsus,

Could you try running Streamlit with the --server.headless=true flag?

For example, streamlit hello --server.headless=true

I believe you’ll see a Network and External url.


Hi @Jonathan_Rhone,

Thanks! It worked.

Welcome! And welcome to the forum :wave:


Just a quick follow-up, I was not able to get access with the external url. I’ve checked the firewall and port umber is there.
The error shows “This site can’t be reached, xxx.xx.xxx.xxx refused to connect”, tried it on both external network and local. Local host is still working.