Failed to download the sources for repository


I have a similar issue, my app is running fine locally, but when I deploy it on an error occurs:

I deleted and re-deployed it several times, the result is always the same. Then, I tried @BenUze suggestion and created a new repo. It worked, the app deployed. But since my original repo has some stars and people following it, I don’t want to migrate to a new one.

So I experimented changing the branch name of my original repo from master to main, and, to my surprise, the app deployed successfully after that. Yesterday I even changed it back to master, and the app deployed again. However, today the app crashed, showing the same error, and without me pushing any new commit.

@snehankekre and @Alex_Toader do you know what could be the issue?

Here is my streamlit app:

Switching from conda to pipenv solved the issue. Streamlit seems to have a bug, sometimes, when installing dependencies with conda, as this other post from July 8th also shows: Failing to build a Streamlit Cloud app - #5 by drorata

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Hi. I’m running into the same issue - “Failed to download the sources for repository”. I’ve also tried deleting and rebooting my app but still no luck. Any suggestions?

Hello, I’m facing the same issue. Streamlit adds an SSH key which is read-only. Is this why it does not have write access? Here is the screenshot

Please help me resolve this issue.


@Hemanth_Sai , deleting and redeploying the application should recreate the SSH Key, but this could be caused by something else.
@chwubryan @Hemanth_Sai could you share links to your applications?

Streamlit deploy link:

Tried those steps too, but still faced the same issue. Sorry, I’m not able to write more than 3 messages so edited this one. @Alex_Toader

You are right, something is not working as expected. The git logs do not provide any insight into why the failure is happening. Would you be up for trying a few steps to try to rule out some potential issues?
Can you:

  1. Delete the application
  2. Manually delete the SSH keys from GitHub
  3. Redeploy the application


Hi @Alex_Toader, here’s the link to my webapp: It was deployed successfully before but I’m running into the same issues as [Hemanth_Sai] when I need to wake the app.

I’ve tried 1. delete the application 2. SSH keys get automatically removed after app deletion 3. redeploy and 1. delete github SSH 2. delete app 3. redeploy but still no luck. Thanks.