Fantasy Premier League Analyzer App

Introducing the Fantasy Football Analyzer. Transforms FPL API data into an interactive, user-friendly platform.

  1. Analysis
    a. Analyze Player Performance
    b. Cost vs 22/23 Season Points
    c. Identify Low Price Player With High Points Return
    d. Player Total Goals, Assists and Points per 90 Minutes

  2. Points & Fixture

    a. Player Points Across 2022/2023 Season & Next Fixture Difficulty

  • Select multiple players for points and next fixture comparison
  1. In-Form & Differential Player

    a. Top Performer Player Based On Last 3 Gameweeks
    b. In-Form Differential Players
    c. In-Form Budget Players

  2. Manager Details

    a. Get manager current and history stats

  3. FPL History

    a. FPL Record Books (Current players only)

Demo Video:

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Looks great. Green on black looks nice.

But I feel other colors are slightly odd on the screen.
Try to adjust them.

Thank you for the comments, will review it later :grinning: