Fast and easy mock-up

I needed to show a site mockup to a developer, but I did not want to fire up html and css. Streamlit to the rescue!

I did use the unsafe_allow_html=True parameter, which the docs say we ought to avoid, but this was needed to have the links appear. And this is being shared off line, so for this, I figured it okay to do.

I love how with just a few lines of code I was able to get this up and running.

Great! Website mockup with Streamlit really is awesome right :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, that’s a part of the docs we need to remove someday, but please continue using it for now!

Have a nice day,
Fanilo :balloon:

That looks nice!

Try using markdown links instead of html anchor tags, that will get rid of the unsafe_allow_html parameter.

Refer: Markdown cheatsheet


Thanks for the feedback @akshanshkmr and @andfanilo!

Thanks to @akshanshkmr’s comment, I went ahead and got rid of the little html that crept into my solution :blush:


@ericgitonga - Jambo bwana! Now allow users to upload pics of their dudus and get your app to recognize them! :muscle:t4:

Sijambo kaka!

Those are long term goals! I am working my way through building just such a thing. Currently in the very preliminary stages of planning it and doing the infrastructure groundwork.