Feature request: Tooltips within text/markdown

Hey! Just wanted to share a need I have.
I am building a demo around a ML model, and need to showcase both performance and features (data point properties) to a broad audience. This means that ideally, I need a dedicated place to describe what each feature means.

Right now I have 2 options I see

  • have a radio button with “modes” such as “dashboard” and “about”, with second one being just a single markdown documentation piece
  • have a link to an external documentation

What I’d really love instead: I really like the tooltip option for streamlit input widgets - I’d love to use the same widget within my markdown and elsewhere (e.g. have a list of feature names and be able to set a tooltip question mark with an explanation on hover near it. I know there are a few ways different markdown flavors do something like that. The way I see it it could be something like that:

- first feature ?[:question:](Tooltip text for the first feature)
- second feature ?[:exclamation:](Tooltip text for the Second feature)
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Hey @Casyfill,

thanks for the suggestion, that’s great to hear! We were literally just talking today about new markdown features and tooltips is something we’re considering. Can you open a Github issue for this? We generally try to keep all feature requests in Github issues so a) we don’t loose track and b) other users can upvote, which helps us prioritize.