Feature Suggestion: Image Carousel

I’d like to display several images within one element.
It would be great if there was some kind of image carousel feature where you can feed in a long list of images (or image urls) and streamlit would display it in a format we are all familiar with, for example from using netflix:

If it is an awful long list of images, it is impossible to display them all. The image carousel allows users to see the top ones (brownie points if values can be assigned to every image and if the user can decide to show images in descending or ascending order). If the user is interested to see more, they can scroll further.

This could be a feature that can cater for a variety of use cases, other than simply showing images in a neat way.
For example it could be used to explain and visualise recommendations from multi-armed bandits.


Hi there! Yeah, I think that’d be cool. I’ve made a feature request for you on streamlit’s github here: https://github.com/streamlit/streamlit/issues/780

Feel free to add more clarification and ideas there. Thanks for the feature request!

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Thanks for creating the feature request!

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