Feauture importance, Confusion Matrix and Roc Plots are not visible

Hi, I deployed my PyCaret application on Streamlit-cloud. The app worked without error, while plots were not visible.

I am sharing my code here:

Streamlit-application is here: https://kilickursat-lithology-app-tbm-app-app-31cmqp.streamlit.app/

I appreciate any help you can provide. Appreciate all your support and feedback.

Hi @kilickursat,

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Thanks for your reply. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will edit it and share it again.

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I just checked and it looks like Pycaret has Streamlit compatibility now! There is a parameter in plot_model that needs to be set: display_format='streamlit'


Streamlit has a different structure than Jupyter notebooks, for example. Streamlit needs to be given an image or a figure object so it can be interpreted and converted into a web object. plt.show() wouldn’t work in Streamlit either; you’d need to write the figure object directly like st.write(fig)


Thanks for your reply. I am going to apply it. Appreciated it.

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