File not Found Error in Streamlit Cloud App

File not found error in streamlit application even when files are in place in folder where runs, I have tried giving relative and absolute paths of files still issue persist, Can someone please help me to uderstand exactly what path should I provide for suppose parkinsons_model.pkl

Repository link - Data_Science_Projects/Parkinsons_Disease_Symptoms_Analysis_and_Prediction at master · shubhamsawant0601/Data_Science_Projects · GitHub

Main file as below-

Pickle file path -

All file paths must be relative to the root folder of the github repo, not relative to the python script.

Hi Franky, Thanks for the response👍 Could you please help me but more and give e.g. with respect to my folders and repos. actually I tried few more paths relative to root folder but they didn’t work either. Could you please give me one e.g. here?