Filter dataframe by selected features


In my project i have a dataframe and i want to select some features to filter my original dataframe.

What is the best way to get a subset of the original dataframe, where it only shows the filtered df with the values of the features selected.

At the moment, i am using a multiselect widget to select the features that i want to filter by. In the next step, i want the sidebar to only show the features selected and the values that i want to filter (i used st.sidebar.selectbox) but it shows all the possible features filter.

Can somebody help me?


At the moment my sidebar look like this. If I only want to filter my df by family size, how can i show the output dataframe filtered without defining the other conditions value?

If i try to filter this way, it shows an error because i didnt define the other conditions value. (I hardcoded the filtered df as data_filtered = df[education_condition & age_max & age_min & familysize_condition].

If i make a if statement saying that if not selectbox selected -> education condition == 1, it works properly?

Thank you in advance

Hello @Pakard1,

What you want is an option to filter nothing: in addition to the different multiselect options you’ve taken from your dataset, you could add a default All value which, when selected, will filter nothing.

This is what I’ve done in this small generic example on how you could filter and display a dataframe: Creating OrderedDict from csv file.