Filtering code isn't reading data from my select box


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-The code returns a blank dataframe instead of returning filtered data for the specific year selected in the selectbox.

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```import streamlit as st
import pandas as pd
import yfinance as yf

data ="FB AMZN AAPL NFLX GOOGL", start="2012-01-01", end="2022-12-31")
data = data['Adj Close']
data = data.reset_index().set_index('Date', drop=False)
data = data.reset_index(drop=True)

year = st.selectbox('Year', list(reversed(range(2012,2023))))
data2 = data[data['Date'].dt.strftime('%Y') == 'year']

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- just run the above code on streamlit
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-I expect the code to return filtered dataframe of the selected year.
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-The code will run perfectly if you replace the 'year' on the second last line with a specific year eg '2018' the code will return data for 2018 but once you select the year from the selectbox the code returns blank
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if you replace the 'year' on the second last line with a specific year let's say 2020 the code will run smoothly. however i want to be selecting the year from the selectbox

Your code is looking in your dataframe for where the date is the four-letter string β€˜year’, not the value of your variable year. If you want to compare a year as a string to a year as a string the line should be:

data2 = data[data['Date'].dt.strftime('%Y') == str(year)]

Alternatively, you can work with integers:

data2 = data[data['Date'].dt.year == year]

It worked. Thank you!

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