Fire-state: Preserve states when switching pages in multipage app

fire-state is a state management package that help you manage state in streamlit. It’s compatible with the newest st.form.

One of the annoying issue for me in using streamlit is that all state get reset when I leave and come back to the page. If a user generate a beautiful plot using a streamlit app after inputing many configurations, but then he/she click other page to check for something else. When coming back. The plot is gone. The user will feel very furstrating and interrupted, they just lose their work. This is a very bad user experience.

I made a demo that may illustrate this scenario.
View Demo

If you are interested to try it out, check the github-repo. It’s a very early project. Any suggestions and PRs are welcome.


This is very useful indeed. I am wondering how this is different from what session_state already offers as part of Streamlit?

Not technically a component but I think we don’t want to lose your contribution, so feel free to add it to the wiki tracker: Streamlit Components - Community Tracker

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