First App - Visualizing land temperature anomalies based on FAO data

Hello everyone!

I’d like to share V1 of my app visualizing land temperature anomalies ON LAND for the world, based on FAO data!


Cool, love the summary column of the plot!

hi @alexkingsing, congrats, nicely done! I was aware that climate change varies among regions on the globe, but I have never seen it visualized so clearly. Please continue to make this ap even more useful. My suggestions: make the plot interactive so you can more easily read the values (I know you offer a table, but it is still nicer with the hover over effect, if you are not using altair yet, I would try it). Then I would use a multiselectbox for contries and allow to plot multiple countries and/or possibly also multiple months. it would be nice to have a further menu item where you can display the full datarange so you demonstrate the overall trend. lots of fun things with this dataset!


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Hello @godot63 !

Thanks for your detailed response! I’ve seen Altair before, but i’ve never tried it. Most of the things you mentioned are part of my plan for V2 (multiple countries visualized, more interactive plots, better layout) but deeply appreciate your suggestions!

I will deifnitely take them into account for future development!