Flow Graphs in Streamlit?


I am brand new to streamlit, I am looking for a fast way to build an mvp for an idea, and think this is the perfect environment, but am looking for a library that will accomplish what I am looking for.

Is there any library or solution that comes to mind accessible in Streamlit that can visualize and animate a Flow Graph? I am looking for a platform to quickly build and iterate a visual scripting tool for directing cashflows over a directed flow graph.

I saw some references to networkx and pyvis in this forum, but am looking for something more tailored to flows than to networks.

Examples in other environments/domains that are higher barrier to entry, and not Python friendly:
Node Editor in imgui


Bolt in Unity

Nodes in Blender

Additional information

Sorry if this is the wrong tag, but please let me know any ideas!

Hey @mcryan6 :wave:

Sorry for the late reply. If you are willing to use Python then you have options like:

These are comprehensive and easier to get going. If you are more onto Javascript the ones you mentioned are worth it beside:

Feel free to choose one that best matches your use case.
Hope it helps and eases your process to build an MVP. All the best on that.

Thanks in advance!

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There’s streamlit barfi. It might be close to what you are looking for. Though to me it looks a bit too young yet.

Also there’s an early streamlit-react-flow too.

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It would be awesome to have an updated version of Node-Based UIs in React – React Flow, the streamlit-react-flow has no maintenance nor updates since inception