Folder path

Hi ,

I want to access a folder

input_folder = st.text_input(β€œEnter the path to the files folder:”)

other than this is there any way to get the folder … like folder picker etc

Hey there, could you share some details about whether your app is deployed locally or on a cloud service, and what operating system is being used.

It sounds like you need some help parsing the text from text_input so that it can be interpreted as a file path that the app can interrogate. My next thought, using Python on a Windows system, would be something in the os.path() library to convert the string to a Windows-readable path.

Hi, Right now I am developing it locally but in future I want to deploy it as a private in streamlit … I want to get all the files from a folder for further processing so I want to give the folder path so instead of typing the path I want some other thing like browse or anything

Have a look on the roadmap. It is in the planning stage.


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ok thank you