Food Prices Dashboard for Colombia

I would like to share my dashboard in Streamlit consolidating data from the Colombian National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE) for several major cities. This data is updated weekly. I use Streamlit, Plotly and some CSS tweaks to get the look you can see, it is in Spanish but I think the design can give you some ideas for your own dasboards.

This is the link:

Any comments will be appreciated


can you share the code for it ?

Hi @germancastano

Big kuods!, the app looks stunning, would be of immense inspiration to the community if you could share the app repo.

@germancastano it looks great! My suggestion would be to feature a front page with the products with the largest price increase and fall during the week, before bringing the detailed statistics for all of them.

Also, it’s missing Tal Cual /jk


This is one of the best reports I have ever seen.

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Hi, I’m checking the best way to share it as it is connected to a Postgress database and if you fork the code it won’t really work. I’m thinking maybe about creating some tutorials in YouTube on how to apply CSS tricks to enhance charts and metrics.

Thank you

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Great idea, I’m going to see the best way to implement it. I’m creating some code to detect trends and not just highlight the products increasing or decreasing but also add the ones with some trend.

Thank you for the support and you made me laugh with Tal Cual… as a matter of fact, I’m using the data for creating a prompt to create a weekly article in LinkedIn about food in Colombia, here you can see the recent one

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